1880 Steam Train, SD

1880 Steam Train between Hill City and Keystone, SD

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Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … The 1880 Steam Train between Hill City and Keystone, South Dakota.

The 1880 Steam Train runs from Hill City to Keystone (Mt Rushmore) in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

While the train originated to support the many gold mines in the area. Today, the train transports visitors between Hill City and Keystone. The rail cars have been purchased from other railways from around the Country and refurbished to run this route. Each car is a trip into the past all by itself as they have been lovingly restored with stained glass and beautiful woodwork. 

Once everybody is settled in their seats and opened their windows, we pull away from the station with a few whistles from the steam engine along with that familiar “chugging” of the pistons.

As we pass thru the Black Hills, we are reminded of the various mines that used to be along this route. The original claims are now homesites or ranches. The scenery ranges from wooded forests, cleared ranch land with stunning views to the narrow canyons of granite. 

So, not only do we get a visual of the early American West, but we get to enjoy the rhythmic sound of a steam engine, the whistles, and the cars rolling along the tracks. Enjoy!

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