St Augustine Sunrise

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I love sunrises… I am not always willing to get out of bed early enough to see them. But when I’m on the road, I’ll often make the effort. So, on this clear, balmy Florida morning, in April of 2021, I find myself sitting, and experiencing the newness of the world waking up.

The constant and rhythmic sounds of the waves coming ashore. Sea birds out and about looking for breakfast as they skim along just past the breaking waves. A slight breeze comes off the ocean with that hint of salt in the air. And, to my right and left, couples, sipping on their morning coffee as they experience their own version of this magical time.

St Augustine is a fun place to hang out for a few days, obviously, there’s the beach. But, there also be history here. Ever hear of this guy Ponce? Who just happened to find a Fountain of Youth? Now, as one of the oldest, if not the oldest city in the Unites States, while just walking around you can feel like the many yesterdays of the last few hundred years were just that. Yesterday.

So, if a warm beach is one of your happy spots, sit back, and Enjoy! – Ken

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