7-Mile Beach

7-Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island

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Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … 7-Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean.

Another stop on the birthday cruise, Grand Cayman Island. I got up early to catch one of the first tenders from the ship to Georgetown. It was only a 5-10 minute ride, and the views of the island as we approached in the early morning was of beautiful villas along the bluffs.

After catching a ride to 7-Mile Beach I made my way to a shady part of the beach away from the bulk of the beach goers and set up to record.

The weather was beautiful, but a little chilly for Grand Cayman at only 74 degrees with a consistent breeze, but all in all a beautiful morning. The waves here of what I like to call the “Thumper” variety. You can definitely hear the “Thump-Crash” with a nice roll off of the waves coming up the beach.

For me I’d categorize these as Brown maybe Pink Noise waves. Again, you will know what is best for you. So, imagine that relaxing day under the sun, your feet in the sand, and maybe a tropical drink in your hand! ~ Enjoy!

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