Afternoon Courtyard Rain

Courtyard Rain – Petaluma, CA

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … an Afternoon Rain captured in a Petaluma courtyard. 

Rain… It can be described in many ways… as hard, soft, or maybe just a regular, or steady… soaking type of rain. The location will always make a difference on the audio texture… under a tree in a park as the raindrops land on the leaves, in a car, in a house, or in a tent. Maybe on a lake while in a canoe or on a dock. Sometimes we can capture a stereo effect under an outdoor pavilion, with rain falling on the roof and then also falling on different landscaping… like on grass, or a wooden deck, gravel, or asphalt. Or, like today’s episode… a relaxed, steady rain in a concrete courtyard. 

Not only do we get the rain as it hits the concrete in the courtyard, but the slight echo as the sounds bounce off of the courtyard walls. Pretty much just calming rain on this one as it ebbs and flows… Enjoy!

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