Babbling Stream, FDR State Park, GA

Mellow Stream in FDR State Park, Warm Springs, GA

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … A mellow stream in FDR State Park in Warm Springs, Georgia.

While planning a trip to the Nashville area, I was looking for something to break up the drive. The Warm Springs area looked interesting as it would get me off the Interstates for a few hours and into maybe a “quiet” area. Warm Springs is the location of the “other” FDR white house, rejuvenative hot springs, and the FDR State Park.

Well, the Park pretty much stretches for miles along a mountain ridge with great views both North and South. While I visited in March, I can imagine what it would look like in the Fall surrounded by the changing leaves. 

During my visit here, I hiked about a mile and a half down into a canyon to a small stream. The water was mostly 30 yards off to the side thru dense shrubs and trees. I did manage to find a section where I could access the stream while it was flowing gently across the rocks. The sounds reminded me of the various little meditation fountains I’ve heard in offices over the years. This time it was all real and no pump to be seen or heard. Enjoy! 

… Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.

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