Big Shoals, Suwannee River

Suwannee River – Big Shoals

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— Hi and welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Big Shoals on the Suwannee River in FL.

The Suwannee River… for me the famous song just pops into my head. Can’t go much past the first line or so, but it’s a part of my childhood. I always thought the song title was “Way down upon the Suwannee River…” but it’s actually called “Old Folks at Home”. Also, a surprise to many people… myself included… it’s also the Florida State Song. The Suwannee River starts just over the state border into Georgia, in the Okefenokee Swamp, and then travels 246 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

On this day I stopped at the Big Shoals State Park just outside of White Springs, FL. Here I hiked along the river to the “Big Shoals” section where the river drops 9 feet in about 100 yards. When water flow is low, you can see the cascade type of drop offs, and when the water is flowing, pretty much a stretch of “boiling” water or rapids.

In this episode, I filmed and recorded from an observation deck along the river. The trail along the river is pretty dense with plants and trees with almost no place to actually get down to the river. You do get a few nice views along the way, but the trail keeps you a consistent 20-30 feet from the banks.

So, enjoy the sounds of the “boiling river” and the visuals of the river cascading down thru the trees. All in all, a great stop on the hike! 

… Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.

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