Relaxing Hillsborough River, FL

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Over the Winter I visited the Hillsborough River State Park. The river begins in the Green Swamp area between Tampa and Orlando and 60 miles later, ends up in Tampa Bay. This State Park encompasses 3,738 acres of pine flatwoods, floodplain swamp, hardwood hammock, cypress swamp and ponds.

Along this stretch of the river, we find various species of birds, including and of course not limited to… the Green Heron, Wood Stork, White Ibis, Waterthrushes, Warblers, plus seven different woodpecker species including the Red-headed, and Hairy. And yes, there are alligators along the river as well as many other forms of life.

Listening to this episode, not only do we get the relaxing sounds of water running over a rock area, but, during the early morning hours… the almost non-stop sounds of the various birds beginning their day.

So, here you go… a little trek along the river!

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