Colorado Point, Aruba

Colorado Point Waves, Island of Aruba.

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Colorado Point Waves on the Island of Aruba. Colorado Point or Seroe Colorado, is at the Southeastern tip of Aruba.

Today it’s a lonely yet ruggedly beautiful windswept area, with continuous pounding waves and the lone modern lighthouse. But 100 years ago, things were different. The area was known for phosphate mines, a military installation and a housing colony to support the thriving mines and later oil production.

After traveling about 35 miles from the capitol city of Oranjestad, you first arrive at Baby Beach. Then travel on a dirt road past a large natural pet cemetery, and finally to the point.

Here the waves were pounding, not necessarily large, but had a lot of energy when they hit the rocky shore… It was also VERY windy here. The trick I used for avoiding blown out audio was to place the mic behind a large sun bleached tree trunk.

So, every once in a while, we need to experience the “wild” in nature.

Now, If you’re ready for a little wild… this is for you. Enjoy!

… Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.

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