Devils Tower, Wyoming

Sunset – Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming.

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Sunset – Devils Tower, Wyoming.

So, what was the first National Monument in the US? In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt named Devils Tower in Wyoming is the first National Monument. While that is an amazing fact, many people know it by referencing these 5 musical notes… G, A, F, (octave lower) F, C with the use of corresponding hand symbols.

After leaving Hill City (Mt Rushmore area) on my way to Montana, I felt the need to see in person, Devils Tower. So, I added a little 5 hour “detour” and made my way up to the Monument. My first glance from a distance was a special moment. As I got closer the visual was just stunning. Arriving at the park entrance, I renewed my annual national parks pass and made my way across the open fields to the tower. 

It was late afternoon and the light on the different sides of the tower were magical. After spending some time at the base, I then stopped at a pull-out on the South side of the tower and had a great view up thru the trees. Kind of reminded me of the scene where Roy and Jillian were climbing just below the tower base.

Behind me, along the Belle Fourche River I could hear the beginning to the evening – sunset symphony of sounds. The audio for this experience is from that location. What used to remind me of a campground up from a stream at night, now reminds me of sunset here at Devils Tower.

Regardless of where this audio soundscape takes you, you can now add the experience of relaxing below Devils Tower in Wyoming. Enjoy!

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