Driftwood Beach Waves

Jekyll Island Afternoon Waves

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“Being There” Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA

— Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode… Driftwood Beach Waves, on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

While heading back to Florida along I95, I realized that on my previous trip to Jekyll Island in Georgia, I didn’t make it to Driftwood Beach. So, I figured it was time to rectify that. I arrived late morning and found my way thru the woods and down to the beach. 

Now this is a seriously cool spot. Besides a few fallen large tree trunks, there was a literal “forest” of driftwood trees along the beach. On the water were LOTS of rocks so this made for a definitely not normal beach experience. 

After placing the audio recorder near the surf in the rocks, I filmed both a set of trees against a blue sky as well as the waves coming in over the rocks and boulders. What a day!

After driving from Asheville in North Carolina, I just slumped into my beach chair for about an hour soaking up the sun. 

Now this… was a rest stop! I hope you enjoy this little bit different beach wave experience!

 – Enjoy!

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