Drum Circle – Orlando

Full Moon Drum Circle in Orlando, FL.

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Years ago, in Santa Barbara, Sunday afternoon down at the beach there was a large group (sometimes well over 100 people) just “being” while banging on a drum all day (think Todd Rudgren).

The energy of the drums, the dancing, the additional percussion made for a very unique and invigorating afternoon at the beach… Fast forward MANY years later and I stumbled on an article about drum circles here in Florida. So. I did some research and found a group in Orlando doing a full moon drum circle.

Of course I went out and got a drum and headed into Orlando to find and participate in this drum circle. Like I said earlier, it’s been MANY years and the joy of being in a large group (probably 60 – 80 people / families). Sitting in the circle and playing my drum was an energizing experience that I still feel a few days later. Of course there was drums, bongos, tambourines, cowbell, long horns, conch shells, wood blocks, etc. PLUS. In the middle of the circle was a fire pit with about a dozen people dancing to the beat… All in all, a really great experience.

So how do you use this? Maybe if you’re feeling a little low in energy, find a spot in the sun, play this episode and close your eyes…

As always, enjoy and be amazing!

– Ken

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