El Capitan Beach

El Capitan Beach – Waves

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— Hi and Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … El Capitan Beach. Join me, your host, Ken Sipes as we explore the natural world around us.

So, I was doing a “beach” day in early October, and here is the 2nd beach of the day. El Capitan Beach is located about 15 miles “West” of Santa Barbara and is part of a large and beautiful California State park and campground. 

It was a beautiful day and after walking down to the beach, and a bit away from the day’s beach goers, I found my happy spot. After setting up and then while napping in the sun I realized that while along the same South facing coast, the waves here we’re different than the previous beach… Hollister Ranch / Gaviota Beach. While those waves were more direct, like a “big thunk” with very little sideways movement, here at El Cap they were, to me anyway, more traditional… a definite crashing, but with more rolling along the beach front. Something I never noticed before. I’m thinking if I was a surfer… I would have noticed before now.

Seagulls, slight breezes and of course the waves are all featured here. Since beaches are a public place, you may hear some voices in the distance… all part of the experience! So, need some time at the beach? Here you go! Enjoy!


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