Fort Desoto Beach Waves

Fort Desoto Beach, Waves, FL.

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There’s something about being close to everything yet so far away. Fort Desoto Beach on the Southern tip of the St Pete area of Florida fits that description. Fifteen minutes to downtown St Pete or Trader Joes, but out here you’d never know it. At least at 7:00 am. 

The sand is that super fine, almost baby powder variety, closer to the surf zone it packs nicely and is great for walking or searching for shells. This morning there were LOTS of birds along the shore… probably a few hundred so this videoscope has lots of birds walking or flying thru the frame.

It’s quiet this morning, a saw a few people about 1/2 mile up the beach but for the first 45 minutes I saw and heard no one. A beach in Florida is usually only like this from Midnight until a bout 90 minutes after sunrise. So about 8:15 people and associated noises started showing up. Boats, Planes, and yes People.

I’ve learned that to find that magical peace and quiet means being at these location at or just before sunrise. So, if you’re looking for that early morning beach experience, I got here early just for you! – Enjoy!

– Ken

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