Harbor Seals – CA

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Sometimes I get to bring you something out of the ordinary…

For over 30 years, Harbor Seals have been coming to this protected stretch of California beach, below, the Carpinteria Bluffs. This rookery, is one of only four remaining, along the California coast. During this last Winter, over 200 adult harbor seals have been confirmed visiting the rookery, and in March, of 2021, 59 pups were counted. An example of nature… in balance.

So, with an incoming tide, resting and / or sleeping seals suddenly find themselves floating as the waves begin to wash over them. I’m guessing, that since they had their “down time” so rudely interrupted, they figured it was a good time for a swim. Of course, there are many sea birds in the area, and we see and hear them as they seem to float along the tops of the waves. Throw in a slight breeze, and you have a great way to start the day.

These bluffs and the rookery below, are a special place to take in nature, and of course, the relaxing sounds… If you not only enjoy time at the beach, but, experiencing the beauty of nature, doing it’s thing… then this, is for you!… Enjoy!

So, here you go… a little escape to a secluded beach and Harbor Seal Rookery.

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