Horseshoe Falls, SC

Waterfall at Musgrove Mill Revolutionary War Battle Site in South Carolina.

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Horseshoe Falls in the Battle of Musgrove Mill State Historic Site. Near Clinton, South Carolina

On August 19-20, 1780, a Revolutionary war battle was fought here between the Patriots and a group of Tories with a few British regulars. Over the two days, while outnumbered 2-1, the Patriots prevailed shifting the moral of the Patriots in the hills of the Carolinas. On this afternoon, the only activity and sounds were those of the falls. 

The falls are accessed via a separate entrance a few miles up the road from the historic site. Once here, the parking lot and trail access is clear and paved!

After a short, maybe ¼ mile trek, I found myself at the falls. Down in this canyon, the falls were a beautiful, cascading horseshoe shape with a nice flow of water which sounded and looked relaxing. Surrounded by trees and a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds it really was a great spot to lay back and nap.

After a bit, it was time to pack up and make my way back out. This stop was one of those “let’s take a little side trip” while driving between Charleston and Asheville and TOTALLY worth it. If you find yourself on that particular route, take the time (about an hour) to get out of the vehicle and experience this park and falls. Enjoy!

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