Jemez Springs – Soda Dam

Jemez Springs – Soda Dam, New Mexico

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Jemez Springs – Soda Dam about 45 minutes outside of Santa Fe, NM. 

I left Santa Fe before sunrise, and then drove thru Los Alamos National Laboratory while everyone was going to work. Continued for another 25 minutes, experiencing the remote and stunning countryside before I arrived at Soda Dam Hot Spring. Also known as the Jemez Springs Soda Dam or simply Soda Dam. Here is a grouping of fifteen different hot springs which have formed a unique calcium carbonate and travertine formation, creating a bridge over the Jemez River. 

In the Fall, the water flow is a little low, and flows thru some unique openings in the formation… then meanders down the canyon. I will say, in November the temps were a bit chilly… about 29 degrees when I first arrived. At that temperature there was basically no way I was going to explore the hot springs. Maybe in the Summer… So, enjoy this different and interesting waterfall and the sounds of the water flowing thru the rocks… 

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