Joshua Tree Sunrise

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Now, there’s something about a desert sunrise. I always marvel at the colors of the sky and surrounding landscape, just, as the sun breaks the horizon.

As I was driving across the country and just outside of Palm Desert, I had an idea, so I stopped into Joshua Tree National Park. While at the ranger station, I asked for some options for filming during sunrise. He pointed out a few different areas, so off I went to explore the park. After stopping at a few of his suggestions, which would have been ok, I turned a corner, and WOW! Here was this amazing area covered, in what I learned was teddy bear cholla cactus. After walking around for a few minutes, I knew this was the place, I wanted to be at sunrise.

So, with my plan in place, I headed into Palm Desert for dinner and a comfy bed. Arriving at the garden the next morning before sunrise, I set out to find great spots for the cameras. Well, when surrounded by thousands of cacti, it wasn’t long before I couldn’t find where I placed the first tripod and camera… So, here I am, walking around for a good 10 minutes, before I found the camera I had placed earlier… Needless to say, I moved everything closer together. Lesson learned.

And now the moment… As the sun, started to peak above the mountains in the distance, the sunlight reflecting off the cactus along with their long shadows, was a really, magical, experience.

Listening to this episode, we experience… a few early morning birds, and the soft breeze of the world waking up. It really can be quiet in the desert.  Enjoy!

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