Kootenai Creek Long Cascade

Kootenai Creek Long Cascade in the Bitterroot Mountains, Montana.

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Kootenai Creek, Long Cascade, Bitterroot Range, in Montana.

As the weather began turning from Summer to Fall, I was visiting friends in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana. While we were chatting, they told me about their favorite hike. Kootenai Creek. The following afternoon I made my way across the valley to the trail head. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, about 70 degrees as I got my gear ready to head up the trail. Important after the hike note… I later realized that hiking on this trail, an important accessory is bear spray. Got lucky this time.

Here I’m going to something a little different… While on this hike, I experienced three different and unique parts of this creek as it finds its way down this canyon.

– A Long Cascade… As I cleared a small rise in the trail, I was rewarded with this amazing view of about 5-6 cascades as the creek flowed down this gorge. The visual experience was stunning, and the audio had that “busy” sound with multiple audio details. 

– A Roundabout… here the creek makes its way over and around a few boulders. Looking at it from above it reminded me of the first time a drove on a roundabout and basically felt more than a little confused. Here the water knew exactly where to go and created a “medium” small waterfall audio experience.

– Random Boulders in the Creek… kind of like it sounds. Here was a “kind of” shallow and level section of the creek. As the water fell over these boulders, it created a small babbling creek experience. While the water is moving pretty quick, the volume of water made for that nice super relaxing audio.

So… As I publish these Video and Audio Soundscapes, I’ll be using this description again and again as there are 3 unique soundscapes here.

For today, with the long cascade, this is perfect for those of you that need a little more distraction for sleep and to clear the mind. Enjoy!

AudioTrek… Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.

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