Lakefront Nighttime Sounds

Northernaire Resort, Three Lakes, WI

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— Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode… Lakefront Nighttime Sounds, Northernaire Resort, WI.

Visiting family in the North Woods is always fun. I stayed at the Northernaire Resort (check out the history here) Today the original resort is gone, replaced with really comfy, modern condos.

While still lakefront, and our timing early in the season (before Memorial Day) it was very quiet… except for the lakefront. The being there video doesn’t really show much, but the audio soundscape provides lots of interesting sounds…

I know that I left the window open to hear these sounds as I was going to sleep… and yes, I was out in just a few minutes. I hope you find this symphony of nature helps you to relax and sleep when you need it!

As always, enjoy and be amazing!

~ Ken

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