Lower Falls, Old Man’s Cave

Old Man’s Cave, Lower Falls, Hocking Hills Park, OH

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— Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode… Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills Park, Ohio.

Driving South from the Columbus Ohio area, I found my way to Hocking Hills Park. Here after a short hike I was at the pool at the base of Lower Falls. What a sight. Here is a waterfall with an interesting drop into an almost cave area. The surrounding cave area consisted of several “shelves” that had been carved by water over the centuries.

While the area had LOTS of visitors, I was able to get some clean audio of the falls. As I sat on the surrounding rocks, the place had a calming influence, the rocks, the falls, and the colors of the water managed to drown out any crazy too many people vibes.

So, check out the visual and sounds of this interesting waterfall. And, if you happen to be driving from Columbus Ohio to or thru the Charleston West Virginia area… maybe take a little detour for yourself.

As always, enjoy and be amazing!

~ Ken

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