My Favorites / Bookmarks

Thoughts on the “My Favorites / Bookmarks” tool.

NOTE: Only available to members / subscribers.

1) You can quickly re-visit and watch / listen to an episode

Everyone is different. Our histories and backgrounds are unique. A soundscape that works for me, may not work for you. That’s the primary reason you’ll find so many different options of these episode sets. As you explore, once you find a set that “speaks” to you, be sure to favorite it. That way you can always quickly find your way back. As I’m writing this, we have about 70 episodes published. A year from now, we’ll have over 100.

2) Create your own personal collection

As an example, I have a list of my favorites that I use almost every night… I’ll initially go to bed listening to maybe waves on the beach, I often listen to “Beach Sunset, Marco Island” when I first lay down. If I do wake up during the night, I may then select a rain set. One of my favorites is “Courtyard Rain” which seems to be just the thing for me to fall back asleep. In the morning, before I get out of bed, lately I’ve been playing “Lazy Morning Rain & Birds”.

Of course, over time these will change as new episodes are published and you find new favorites.

3) Using the tool…

On each episode set page, below the episode cover image and episode title will be a link that reads…

“My Favorites” If you select or click on the link, it will change to read “Bookmarked”. Changed your mind? Just click again and it will revert to read “My Favorites” and no longer be bookmarked.

To access your full list of bookmarks, just select “My Favorites” from the main menu. On the page that opens will be a list of episodes that you’ve selected. If you would like to remove one, just click on the “Trash Can Icon”.

So, enjoy exploring all your options!

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