Navigating AudioTrek

How to search for episodes…

Use the pull down menu “Episodes +” for a list of options.
Results are organized with most recently published episodes at the top.


Here we have selected “All Episodes”


Episodes organized by a “Noise Color” example… “Pink Noise”


Episodes organized by a Category… example “Beaches and Waves”


When you’re ready to select the episode set you would like to explore, just “click” or “tap” on the title.

Episode Players

Once you reach the episode page, you see three (3) different players. The top is a One Hour Video filmed at the location. The next two (2) are audio / podcast players. The top is one is one hour and the bottom is three hours long.

When going to sleep most will use the one hour audio / podcast player. If you want to be able to put yourself into the audio, use the video player. Now, some people prefer a longer play time so we have a three hour audio / podcast option as well.

Want to save this as a favorite or bookmark? Just “click” or “tap” on the “My Favorites” link. After selecting the link changes to “Bookmarked”.


For more information on Bookmarks and Favorites visit HERE.

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