Niagara Falls, Vancouver Island, BC

Niagara Falls, Goldstream Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC.

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OK, I was surprised to read about a waterfall in Victoria called Niagara Falls. While this waterfall is located across the continent, it does have something in common with its big cousin. Here in Goldstream Provincial Park, this Niagara Falls drops over 155 feet. While clearly not as wide, or with the same amount of water it only lacks about 15 feet of drop over the “other” Niagara Falls. 

When I found the trailhead to this waterfall, I grabbed my gear and headed up the trail. I soon found myself on a ledge above a rocky riverbed. At the time there was no water to be seen, but as I scrambled down to the riverbed, I began to hear the sound of falling water. As I made my way up the trail, there it was. A beautiful, ribbon fall dropping about 150 feet to a small pool below. There must have been an underground river from the pool as there was not any visible water leaving the pool.

I found a spot to set up the camera and started filming. I then went to the pool to find a perfect spot for the audio recorder. Found a great spot and… waited 45 minutes for people to leave. This Fall is a fairly easy walk from the highway up a canyon. So, lots of people were checking out the falls. I found a few “comfy” rocks and just relaxed as I waited for moments without people walking and talking as it generally takes away from a relaxing audio experience. 

Luckily, I can find a comfy spot pretty much anywhere, so I just sat back and closed my eyes… eventually the quiet arrived.

I really enjoy finding really great experiences that are easily accessible and encourage you to not only check out this video and audio soundscape, but if you find yourself on Vancouver Island, outside of Victoria, Canada, try and find your own way there! Enjoy!

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