Nights of Lights – 2022

Nights of Lights, St Augustine, FL – 2022

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … St Augustine Nights of Lights.

Here we are back in St Augustine. (Kind of what happens when you actually live in Florida.)

Each year the downtown area goes all out with Holiday lights. While candles in windows have been around for centuries, St Augustine celebrated the first modern Nights of Lights in 1993. The lights are switched on the weekend before Thanksgiving every year. The town is COVERED in white lights. Seriously, the only colored lights are on the tree, the stoplights, and at least 1 random red bulb which is like a scavenger hunt for the locals.

This year, about 10 days before the lights were switched on, a Hurricane blew thru and flooded the downtown area. And without fail, the lights were switched on just days later. You gotta admire the commitment and can-do attitude.

Since I filmed this from a tour boat with lots of people and pop music, I had a mic over the side that is used as a base track, and I found some holiday songs from the service I use to licensed music for weddings… Also, this week there are just one hour versions of the audio and video soundscape. I hope you enjoy this little Nights of Lights video and audio soundscape during the holidays… Something just a little bit different!


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