Nighttime Forest, Asheville, NC

Nighttime Forest Sounds in Asheville, North Carolina.

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Nighttime Forest in Asheville, North Carolina.

Nighttime sounds are always interesting. I remember my first-time camping with my dad when I was probably 7-8. It was a basic canvas tent right on the grass, and the sounds in the night were initially, well, scary. Of course, it started to rain and canvas can be known to leak, and grass gets wet and muddy…  Over time, as I grew older, the nighttime sounds became calming… Really.

Now, once in the Boundary Waters area between Minnesota and Canada, on a small island, we were surprised in camp by two bear cubs… needless to say we were a little nervous as momma was somewhere out there. But aside from that one experience, I really do love the sounds of a forest at night. Especially thru an open window in a cabin!

So, tonight I’m at a friend’s house in the Asheville, NC Foothills and the sounds are magical. These sounds put me right out. I actually needed to set an alarm to wake up and stop recording. For this video I started filming a bit before sunset to give you an idea of this location as late at night the video would basically be black.

Ready for sleep? Need some nature to breath too? Well, here ya go. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in the morning!

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