Osage Hills Waterfall

Osage Hills Waterfall, Oklahoma

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Osage Hills State Park in Oklahoma, about an hour North of Tulsa.

In the rolling hills of Northeast Oklahoma is the Osage Hills State Park. Over 1,000 acres of getting away… with trails, a lake, river, waterfall, swimming pool and multiple camping options. One of the options are 8 stone cabins built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s. I stayed in one of those classic 8 cabins. Arriving at the cabin I was transported back in time to the cabins of my childhood when we would go on family vacations to the lake.

In November, most of the leaves had already changed colors and fallen. When hiking to the river and falls, the leaves on the trail had that satisfying “crunch” with each step. As I got closer to the river, the sounds of water falling became louder. The river here is wide, and the falls are basically a 3-tier cascade, with a 2–5-foot drop at each level. This time of year, the water was flowing over a few different scattered ledges and visually and audibly, very calming. Luckily at this flow, I had some great ledges to set up and relax on while filming.

I’m looking forward to someday returning in the springtime when the river is flowing fully… until then, please enjoy these falls at the end of the day right before sunset! 


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