Playing Video and Audio Soundscapes

So, what is the best way to listen or watch these video and audio soundscapes?

For Sleep, I use a smartphone or tablet. If I have my Bluetooth speaker, I will connect to my device and use that to fill the room with the audio. If I do not have a speaker handy, I will place the device near my bed, preferably raised up on maybe a box of tissue, and near a wall or hard surface so there is a little “bounce” area for the sound which increases the bass a bit.

When I want to sleep to video, again I’ll use a tablet first or a smartphone if I don’t have a tablet. Using a pillow or nightstand, I’ll prop it up so I can see the video as I’m laying down. I really only use this method with the fireplace or fire pit videos.

For either audio or video, I find keeping the volume as low as I can, basically just loud enough to hear details in the soundscape.

Holiday Fireplace

For meditation, general relaxing, or to focus while working, I will play the audio files thru any connected device. And will use headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or even the device internal speakers. In the office I will often use “urban” sounds, like the Grist Mill in Napa…

Napa Grist Mill

a combination of water falling and the wheel groaning like something out of a “Dr Who” episode.

You can use pretty much any Bluetooth portable or bookcase speaker. The key is to be able to have it with you when and where you need it.

Many popular options include units from Sony, JBL, Sonos, Bose, Marshall, Anker and more…

My favorite portable Bluetooth Speaker: OontZ Angle 3 Ultra is a really great quality speaker for the price.

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