Puerto Viejo Beach Waves

Puerto Viejo Beach Waves, Costa Rica

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So, I decided to take a birthday cruise this year. A full 10 days of meandering from place to place… more episodes to follow. Now, one of the stops was in Limon, Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast. Puerto Viejo is a small beach / surf town about an hour drive South of the Port city of Limon.

To get to this beach, we drove along the highway thru rain forests (they get about 18 feet of rain a year!) and lots of banana plantations making for a VERY green experience. Once we arrived at the beach, I found a nice quiet area where I could lay everything out in the shade and enjoyed the sounds, the breeze, and the warm air.

The waves here are the rolling in kind, with a heavier rhythm. To me these fall more on the brown noise spectrum and someone else may say pink. I’ll let you listen and decide for yourself where these waves fall for you. Regardless, I found it relaxing and restful. ~ Enjoy!

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