Ridgeline Above Sandstone Falls

Rock River Basin, Minnesota.

“Being There” Ridgeline Above Sandstone Falls, Minnesota

— Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode… Ridgeline above Sandstone Falls in Minnesota.

It’s late May in Minnesota, and, it’s about 45 degrees out with a beautiful blue sky. On this morning I’m visiting three different waterfalls along the Rock River Basin between Bessemer and Lake Superior.

The second waterfall I checked out were called Sandstone Falls. OK, after walking up the stairs from Rainbow Falls, the thought of going down once more to these falls, seemed physically daunting. So I found a spot along the ridge where I could get a glimpse of the water rushing thru some trees and got both the audio from Rainbow Falls just down the river, and Sandstone Falls just below the ridgeline. Also captured some birds starting their day as well.

I hope you enjoy these Audio Soundscapes of the three different falls as they are great examples of Brown and White noise experiences with just a few unique sounds.

 – Enjoy!

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