Santa Barbara Thunderstorm

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … A Santa Barbara Thunderstorm.

When I was younger and listening to the radio, I usually had my trusty cassette recorder by my side. I’d sit there for hours making various mix tapes of the current top songs. Of course, I’d always would lose the beginning, or end of a song as the DJ felt the need to talk, usually, a lot. One of those songs I listened to growing up, was a little tune by Albert Hammond called “It Never Rains in Southern California.”

Now having lived in California for many years, I know that it does rain. Sometimes, a lot! But something that is not often experienced, is a thunderstorm. Growing up in the Midwest, they were pretty normal. Southern California, not so much.

Recently I was in the Santa Barbara area, and late in the afternoon, rumbling off the coastal range, we could hear thunder. A few hours later, after dark, the lightning and thunder increased in intensity. No real rain yet, but that was coming. As the lightning and thunder became more consistent, the power went off. Now, we live in a very noisy world, but when the power goes off, many of the man-made background noises all kind of go away. Me being me, I used the light on my phone to jump up and grab my audio recorder, a mic and a camera. I ound a good spot where I could open the door and here the storm but not really get wet.

What we have in this episode, is the continuous rhythm of the falling rain with a symphony of thunder. Not only cracking in the sky, but then rumbling in the mountains. The result? A nice audio of the storm and of course the video showcases those moments of flashing light with rain bouncing off the deck. 

Enjoy this relatively rare weather event… it’s not often our word is silenced, even for just a little while where we can really experience nature doing its thing.


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