Skunk Train

Skunk Train in the California Redwoods out of Willits

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“Being There” Skunk Train in California Redwoods

— Welcome to this weeks AudioTrek episode… Skunk Train out of Willits in Mendocino County, CA

Trains… They’re a part of our history, and for many of us, our childhoods growing up. 

This week I’m riding the “Skunk Train” from Willits, CA up into the coastal redwoods. The train starts out in town then slowly makes it’s way up to a large clearing in the coastal range. While leaving town the temperature was about 85 and at the turn around a balmy 70 degrees. Yep we gained a bit of elevation.

The scenery along this route was of course redwoods but also other types of trees in the canyons and ridges we climbed. On the way back down, I rode in an open style car (roof but open sides with just a big ol flat floor). It was kind of fun watching the scenery just fall behind us as we made our way back into town.

The sounds of the wheels as the train goes down the tracks is always relaxing and inspirational for me… kind of what’s possible as one wakes up.

As always, enjoy and be amazing!

~ Ken

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