Small Stream, Santa Fe

Small Stream, Santa Fe, NM

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Santa Fe Small Stream… San Antonio Creek NM.

Driving along New Mexico State Route 4, on my way to the Jemez Springs – Soda Dam, I passed by the La Cueva Picnic site where I could see a nicely moving creek in the woods. So, on the way back to Santa Fe from filming at Soda Dam, I decided to pull into this beautiful picnic area. Underneath the grove of trees, the creek flows past tall native grasses just about 20 feet from the picnic tables. What a relaxing stop.

In November, the water flowing was basically just enough to create some sound as it flowed over the rocky areas. I like these “quite” type of streams as I find it very soothing and very easy to breathe deeply listening to the rhythm.

This morning started out below freezing, and by the time I got here after filming at the dam, it was about 10:00 am. It was still a little brisk, but the sun shining on me as I sat by the river was welcome, and almost put me to sleep. 

Sometimes I pass by places like this looking for a more “amazing” location for you… but sometimes when I do stop, often the experience is way more than I expected. I guess it’s just a reminder to be present to the moment and not to always look for a “destination”.

I hope you enjoy this little treasure as much as I did!

… Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.

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