Sunrise, Cordova Bay, Victoria, BC

Sunrise at Cordova Bay, Vancouver Island, BC.

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … Sunrise at Cordova Bay on Vancouver Island in BC.

Visiting friends in Victoria was a great experience. Checking out the various parts of the Island… Hiking, Different Neighborhoods, Restaurants, Coffeeshops, Parks and of course Beaches.

On my third day there, I was up well before sunrise, my host was also up, so after inviting him along, we made our way to the beach. On the Island, Cordova Bay is located on the Eastern side looking towards the San Juan Islands. As this is a bay, there was very little wave action… more like a lake.

As we were walking down to the beach we were surprised by, probably 30-40 ducks and a few geese just hanging out on the shore. After setting up, we walked about 30 yards down the beach and found a log to hang out on. While sitting there, the ducks started what appears to be a normal routine.

As the sun got closer to cresting over the San Juan’s, they made their way into the water. Moments before the sun cresting, they were flapping their wings, like an airplane doing a pre-flight check. All the while they were slowly lining up directly at where the sun was beginning to peek over the islands.

Once we saw the sun crest, a group of about 50 all took off at once. At the same time there was a larger group further up the coast that made a racket as they all took off at once. What a sight!

This was the first time I’ve filmed a sunrise with so much activity and what an experience it was. I hope you enjoy the sounds of the small waves, ducks, and geese as they began their day. Enjoy!

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