View of Nevis Island from St Kitts Beach

View of Nevis from Beach, St Kitts

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek … View of Nevis from a beach on St Kitts, West Indies.

First a little relatable (or modern history) … in 1493 the Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus while leading an expedition for Spain… then over the next several hundred years, England and France have taken multiple turns in control of the Island until 1783 when finally claimed by Great Britain and became part of the United Kingdom. Finally, St Kitts-Nevis became fully independent on September 19, 1983.

OK. So, on this visit (my first time) I really wanted to visit the beaches and take in the visual stimulation while relaxing… yep, I just said that. I rented a scooter in the town of Basseterre and proceeded South along the mountains to the Southeast Peninsula where I found a dirt road along the bay to set up and film on the beach.

Across the channel is the Island of Nevis, and for me, this just has that tropical island look of a volcano in the clouds…

It was a windy day as you can see the whitecaps and maybe pick up a bit of buffeting wind in the audio along with a few birds chirping away in the trees.

So, I hope you enjoy these visuals and sounds as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!

… Relax. Explore. Meditate. Sleep.

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