Wet Wednesday Sailing

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— Welcome to this week’s Episode of AudioTrek… Wet Wednesday at the Santa Barbara Harbor.

So, when can you explore a harbor area, and see lots of boat activity? In Santa Barbara, that would be from about 4:00 pm until sunset on a Wednesday. Why then? For years now, the Santa Barbara Yacht club holds their “Wet Wednesday” races every Wednesday… mid-March thru late-October with about 60 sailboats each week. Not only are there adults out racing, but there are also non racers taking their boats out for a nice midweek escape.

Also, as you’ll see on the video cast, there are groups of “junior” sailors out and about as well.

The weather? A perfect day for sailing. Sunny, a constant breeze with flags along the breakwater snapping away. It was also a low tide, so we can see some growth on the boulders along the breakwater as waves moved in and out. You can hear the waves hitting the breakwater in the background, the rigging on the sailboats just kind of clanging away and of course sea gulls as they fly along the breakwater riding the updraft.

So, this week we’re a little more urban in scope, but still a relaxing experience… Enjoy!

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