Colors of Noise

White, Pink, Brown, and other colors of noise and what they may mean for you.

We’re all unique. Our individual life histories are different. So, noises and sounds will affect us differently. As I’ve been recording these video and audio soundscapes, I really focused on what I thought would be sounds to help myself and others to relax, sleep, and focus.

Now, after spending some time reading about noise colors, I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

While many of us typically dump everything into the “White Noise” category, let’s look at what appears to be the three colors that most affect us.

White Noise

Many people find success in sleeping when listening to white noise because it drowns out unwanted sounds. Smaller environmental sounds around you can distract you from getting a good night’s rest. However, when using a white noise sounds, any noises that happen are drowned out by the noise you’re already hearing.

Pink Noise

Researchers found that those who listened to steady pink waves saw an increase in stable sleep. This is because pink noise may have the ability to reduce brain waves, which allows you to fall asleep faster. This color noise is a preferred method by many because it is a deeper frequency than white noise, but not as deep as brown.

Brown Noise

Brown noise may help with getting a good night’s sleep, but it can also help with focus and concentration. Many people prefer listening to brown noise when studying or working to improve productivity and drown out any distractions. It can also help ease anxiety, especially in high-stress situations.

Urban Noise

For our purposes here, this usually refers to “man-made” noises… a steam train, a water wheel on a grist mill or even a bowling ally. I do have several episodes with these soundscapes and you can find them in the episode menu.


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