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Answers to some common questions…

Do you record these audio soundscapes and “Being There” videos yourself?

Yes, as a wedding filmmaker, I have years of experience recording moments for couples on their special day. I also bring a level of sound design to the audio of those films as well. So bringing these same skills to these soundscapes and videos seemed natural.

Tell me about the FREE 60 min Podcast audio soundscapes…

There are two parts too this answer…

First… I have a commitment that everyone have access to tools to enrich their lives. Having each soundscape available for all, even for a limited time, is a way for me to pay it forward as over the years many people have provided me guidance and assistance when I needed it.

Second… The details…I publish a handful of episodes each month as well as make some of my favorite “Library” soundscapes available for a limited time. I always have at least 9 audio soundscapes available. Typically the experiences / audio soundscapes are available for 12 weeks, then replaced with a new or different library soundscape.

What’s included with a subscription?

Everything. As a subscriber you have access to all experiences (Audio Soundscapes + 5 min Being There videos) that have been published. I typically publish 9 episodes every quarter, so, the number of episodes will continue to grow. Currently there are over 100 experiences available.

Can I recommend places to you that I think would be great for an audio + video soundscape?

Yes. Absolutely. As I travel not only across the United States, I’m also planning trips to various parts of the World… Southeast Asia, Australia, South America and Europe are on the list. Subscribers will have the opportunity to participate in “Where to Next” travel surveys. Just remember… it’s about audio first, and hopefully the visual is amazing as well.

*Aurora Borealis Background Image by Bror Anders Eriksson on Unsplash